Can I change/add or skip meals?
We are sorry, it may not be changed on the day. Please note this when you make a reservation.
How much will the cancellation fee be?
Usually, the cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation made within 3 days from your arrival date.
No contact: 100%
On the day: 50%
1-3 days prior to arrival date: 20%
I haven’t received any booking confirmation.
Our booking system supports “automatic room reservation system.” Therefore, if you do not receive any confirmation within 24 hours, your request may not reach to our system for any reason. Please kindly contact us by E-mail (address is listed in “Contact” in our Web site).
Can I refer to you by phone?
We receive all inquiry all by E-mail. Please contact us by E-mail from “Contact” in our Web site.
Can I get on the waiting list?
We do not have any waiting list. Please kindly check the “Room Availability” and consider other date.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, you may use .
I’d like to go by car. Do you have any parking area?
We are sorry, we have no parking area. We’ll provide you information on toll parking in the vicinity.
I have a lot of baggage. Can I check the baggage?
Baggage may be checked in earlier than check-in start at 15:00 or after check-out.
Can I check-out late?
Check-out time is 10:00 and may not be extended.
Do I have to give tips to waitress (nakai)?
No need for tips since service fees are included in the regular fees.
I have an infant. How much will be charged for him/her?
30% of adult fees for a bed and bedclothes, 50% for child meals, a bed and bedclothes and 70% for an elder child. With no meal, bedclothes and amenity, nothing will be charged.
I’d like to enjoy a night out. When is the lockup?
The lockup is supposedly at 0:00. If you are out beyond 0:00, please let us informed.
What kind of environment is the vicinity of the hotel?
In the vicinity there are Kyoto Station Building, Kyoto Tower, a large-scale electronics store, convenience stores (Seven-Eleven and Lawson), Starbucks Coffee and Seattle’s Best Coffee etc.
Is a dryer available in the guest room?
A dryer and other amenities (Yukata (Japanese bathrobe), bath towel, face towel, toothbrush and so on) are prepared in your guest room.
What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in is at 15:00 and check-out is at 10:00.
Note, however, that guests who requested dinner plan should check-in before 19:00 since dinner time ends at 19:30.
Do I have to submit credit card information when making a reservation?
No, you don’t have to.
Is there non-smoking rooms?
We don't have non-smoking rooms, however, all the rooms are well ventilated each day.
Could you exchange?
We are sorry, we do not exchange. There are banks at a short distance.
Where can I get sightseeing information?
There is a tourist information center in Kyoto Station.
Are there hospital and police office in the vicinity?
Yes, there are.
When should I pay?
Please pay at check-out.
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